Greg Jones Golf Academy
Medina Country Club
Bunker Hill Golf Course
Medina, Ohio

Celebrating Success!

Here's what our students are saying...

 Just wanted to say that I had a very favorable experience. You made me feel comfortable and at ease. You focused in on exactly what I was having trouble with (my diet slice). Within the framework of 1 lesson you got me hitting straighter (and a bit farther) than before. I have gotten to play a few time since our meeting and the improvement has transferred onto the golf course. Just wanted to say "thanks" and let you know that if I have other difficulties that I can't seem to live with I will be contacting you. Thanks again.

Bill Smith 

"My daughter has been a student of Greg Jones for 2 years and all we can say is Awesome! He has a way of teaching that works for all ages and I’ve learned as much as she has by just watching his down-to-earth and straight foward approach to golf. She made the varsity golf team as a freshman and with Greg’s help, has really become a true student of the game.”

—Joseph L.  

"This is my third year taking instruction with Greg Jones and have improved a few strokes each year getting to a 6 handicap. Greg is a great teacher and I’m looking to improve even more. Keep up the great work!"

-Keith F.

"Nothing like the gift of understandable precise explanations. Greg, your videos are great."

Ron A.

Working in a group environment was much more relaxing and a better learning environment for me.  The additional written information and videos provided by Greg were unreal and an unexpected surprise.”

—Kathy H.

I've read all the books, subscribed to all the magazines, and bought all the gadgets. 45 years old and could find some semblance of a golf game but usually ended up becoming frustrated again. Then I found your website. I knew it was all the fundamentals. I coach football. Find the fundamentals and make repetition your best friend. I just never found it taught so simply in golf. Then I found your website and the easy to watch and apply lessons on fundamentals. Only used it at the range once, yesterday, trusting the system, but I've never felt so free and comfortable in my swing. Thank you sir. I'll keep practicing. Repetition works, I just needed the right tools to repeat.

Michael Akouri

"Hi Greg- Love your lessons.  Never been in the 30's for 9 holes.  So far this year, been there three times.  37, 38, and 1 over par today 36.  All time low today with a 77.  First time in the 70's.  All this with a hole in one last year.  Thank you Greg.

-Bob J.

"Greg took me from a golfer that struggled to shoot 100 to someone that is now working on breaking 80. Greg Jones is a great instructor."

-Kyle J.

"What a set of fantastic lessons. Lost my swing last year, stumbled onto these videos and feel so good about where I’m headed. After a couple weeks of range practice, using Greg’s method, I played nine holes from the blue tees and hit all nine greens in regulation. Think I’m just going to try and master the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 swings and call it a day. Thanks Greg!"

-Paul M.

Hi Greg - Had a really good lesson this Monday.  My confidence is growing and the things you are teaching me are sinking in.  Thank you!  —Scott E.

“We went out and hit balls last Sunday.  Meleana did really good. She had a big smile on her face. She took well over 100 practice swings and was really focused on breaking down her swing.  Hit about 40 balls and only 4 were fat. Another 3 were pulled to the right but had a nice ball flight. When we retrieved the balls, I was amazed of the grouping of balls from her gap wedge.  All within 5-6 yards of each other. She also hit an 8 iron. Distance was amazing.  Thanks again for your teaching. It has definitely made an improvement."

-Jerome S.

"Hey Greg - I just shot the best 9 holes of my life.  I shot 44 on the front 9 at Windmill Lakes, felt incredible.  I am so pumped right now.  Thanks you for getting me back on track.  Will definitely bring one of my beers to Saturday's lesson!"

-Darren B.

"My son has been taking golf lessons with Greg for a few years. You won’t find a better youth instructor in the area. He connects well with the kids and is able to teach them all aspects of the game, including the mental side.  My son looks forward to each lesson."

—Ernie W. 

"Hey Greg - I just shot the best 9 holes of my life.  I shot 44 on the front 9 at Windmill Lakes, felt incredible.  I am so pumped right now.  Thanks you for getting me back on track.  Will definitely bring one of my beers to Saturday's lesson!"

-Darren B.

Greg, just wanted to say thanks for all your help and patience over the last year+!  I am seeing a big improvement in my game.  I actually broke 90 (shot 89) on Saturday!  Really looking forward to further improving my game.  


"I just had to write and say a big big thank you for sorting out my golf.  I have been playing golf rather badly for over 40 years in the south of England UK. In that time I have had numerous lessons and watched 1000s of how to videos and YouTube clips, but I can honestly say that your 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full swing has helped me more than anything I have ever tried. I have been using your tips and haven’t moved on to the next stage until each is mastered. My golf is now unbelievable. My mates can’t believe it and keep asking how I have achieved such an improvement. My slice has disappeared and I’m actually drawing and fading the bell at will. Next I must work on my driving because this is still rubbish. Thanks again Greg, you are a top top man.   

-Barry H.

“Thank you. I have never had a better understanding of how to move the golf club. I have watched the 3/4 video over and over. The grip video was very helpful in understanding the grip pressure as well as the videos on ball position and width of stance. Each gave a clear understanding and a way to check yourself. Better yet, I never got the impression that you felt this puny old lady had no hope of ever getting it. As for my grandson, I can’t wait for you to help him. 

-Jana V.

I have been playing the course quite frequently due to the nice weather. The results of the 3 quarter swings are amazing! Never have iron shots been the best part of my game! Looking forward to our best year yet this year! 

-Adam F.

Shot 38 tonight.  Thanks for your help.  Missed a few putts but was solid.

-Keith H.