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Private Lessons

If you’re a golfer committed to improving your game, check out our private lessons.  Our highly motivated instructors are committed to help you achieve your goals with one-on-one instruction and personalized lesson plans. Our "Keep It Simple" teaching style produces results, not confusion.  We have an 86% student retention rate and a 97% student satisfaction rate.  

From beginners wanting to establish solid fundamentals to advanced golfers wanting to compete at the highest level, we offer a plan that’s just right for you.   Some students need help in one particular area and take advantage of our single lesson or smaller lesson packages.  Most of our students, however, opt for our larger packages to focus on lowering scores and improving abilities in one area at a time.  Lessons are taught by Academy Director, Greg Jones, and his certified staff, and are scheduled to your convenience and availability. 

In addition to our single and multi-lesson packages, we also offer playing lessons to help you to move your game from the range to the course.  Please check out our private lesson options below.  Feel free to contact Greg Jones with any questions via text at 567-241-3746 or email at

Single and Multi-Lesson Packages

Click below for pricing and to purchase. Please contact our instructional staff to schedule your lesson.

We offer a range of lesson package to meet your specific needs.  Our single and small lesson packages are perfect to help you fine-tune specific problem areas, while our larger packages will help you to focus on one are of the game at a time to develop your ability to lower your scores.  Learning and training drills and teaching aids are used to make the most effective use of your range practice time.  We also offer high tech video instruction to monitor club motion during your swing.  Written and video information from your lesson will be e-mailed to you to assist you in reviewing and retaining all the information covered during your session.  

Private lessons are available for all ages and skill levels.  We offer private instruction year-round (prices vary depending on season).   Click the link to the left for pricing and to purchase packages.  After purchasing, our staff will contact you to schedule your lessons.

Playing Lesson

Click below  to purchase. Please contact our instructional staff to schedule your lesson.

Learning "How to Play Golf" is as valuable as learning how to swing the golf club. A personalized Playing Lesson is an in-depth learning experience that will help you think the shots, act and react to different situations, make good shot selections and club choices, and calm yourself during the round.  Your playing lesson includes:  2 hours of one-on-one instruction on the course; 1 hour of instruction on the range after playing lesson (optional); establishing personal rules of play that will work to strengthen your play on the course; understanding suitable shot choices and club selection; how to manage and overcome stress and shot anxiety while playing.  Fee: $250 (additional person $150).  

Half Day Lesson Program

Click below  to purchase. Please contact our instructional staff to schedule your lesson.

This thorough instructional package is designed for everyone from the serious golfer wanting to improve their game and move to the next level to the entry level beginner golfer wanting to start playing with the correct fundamentals. Treat yourself or gift it to a special friend or family member.   It’s also a wonderful reward or incentive program for employees, a great gift for corporate executives, sales reps, and a great thank you gift for special clients or business partners.  The lesson is completely customized to accommodate the specific needs of the student.  

Included in this package: 4 hours of one-on-one personalized instruction focusing on the golf swing, driving, and short game; video instruction for in-depth swing analysis and corrective coaching; training drills, practice programs, executive challenges, and hitting drills to accomplish swing corrections and goals; a summary including written and video information e-mailed after instructional program.  Fee is $499 per person.  (Enjoy lunch with the instructor after your lesson for an additional $100.)

Ultimate Experience

Click below to send an email to Greg Jones indicating your interest.  Greg will contact you to discuss program arrangements.

The methodology that Greg Jones has always used is "Keep It Simple", with a strong emphasis on basic fundamentals.  His simple approach revolves around two key factors- the way the ball reacts after it has left the club face and the way the club face actually makes impact with the ball.  It is his belief that to be a successful golfer, you need to clearly understand the story that the ball flight and impact are telling.  Now you can experience Greg's "Keep It Simple" philosophy for yourself and discover what thousands of Greg's students, from beginners to highly accomplished golfers, college players, and tour players alike, already know.  That Simple is Better. 

Experience the ultimate in personalized golf instruction.  Greg "The Golf Guy" Jones has traveled the world providing personalized and focused instruction to clients.  Greg will travel to your site to work with you, on the course or at the range, in the areas you want to improve and provide you with the practice drills needed to continue your improvement beyond your personalized instruction.   This experience includes 4 hours of instruction per day.  Fee: $750/day plus expenses.

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