Golden Years Golf Program

Our Golden Years Golf Program is a wonderful senior-oriented golf sports program designed for retirement communities and assisted living facilities. Golf is a sport which respects the needs for independence, while providing an opportunity to improve social skills and interact with others. This unique program helps seniors maintain an active lifestyle while promoting and enhancing wellness of body, stimulating the mind, and uplifting the spirit.  The program begins with basic fundamentals and mild stretching.  Each week the program progresses at a mild pace and offers exciting new experiences, including special activities, contests, trick shots, and guest appearances. The program is held at the Medina Country Club in Medina, Ohio, which is easily accessible to seniors and provides a relaxing and pleasant environment.  


To learn more about the program, contact Greg Jones at 567-241-2746.

Greg Jones Golf Academy
Medina, OH
Locations At:
Fox Meadow Country Club
Medina Country Club
Bunker Hill Golf Course