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Academy Junior League and Tour 
Welcome Pam Stefanik to the Academy

We are excited to welcome Pam Stefanik to the Greg Jones Golf Academy!  Pam is an accomplished instructor and has been an LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals since 2004.  Pam has a passion for the game that is evident from the first time you meet her.  Please join us in welcoming her!   

Click here to learn more about Pam and her golf journey.    For more information on junior and adult lesson packages with Pam, please click here.

Upcoming Programs

Academy Junior League and Golf Tour at Bunker Hill Golf Course
Play in league, tournaments, or both.  Grades 6-12.  Held in June and July
Junior Fundamentals 1
First of a four-part series to learn fundamentals and build a swing.  Ages 6 and up.
Begins April 28, 2021
Junior Boot Camp
Novice and Intermediate Begins July 8, 2021
Junior High Golf Camps
For aspiring competitive golfers in Grades 5-9.  Multiple camps offered.
Begins June7, 2021
Junior On-Course
Course management and mental side of game.  For aspiring competitive golfers in Grades 5-9.  
Begins June 14, 2021
Junior Short Game Clinics
Chipping, pitching, and putting.  Grades 5-12.  
Multiple offerings.
Begins May 12, 2021
Ladies Tips & Sips- 
Introduction to Golf
Covers basic fundamentals.  Ideal for new golfers. Multiple sessions.  Begins May 4, 2021
Ladies Tips & Sips -
Scoring Shots
Focus on building an effective short game.  For experienced golfers.  Multiple sessions offered.  Begins May 3, 2021
Ladies Tips & Sips-
Tee and Fairway Shots
Focus on driver and mid- to long approach shots. For experienced golfers.  Multiple sessions.  Begins May 6, 2021
Ladies Tips & Sips-
On-Course Instruction
Strategy, course management, and club selection.  For experienced golfers.  Multiple sessions.  Begins July 19, 2021

Academy News

Student Spotlight - Trent
Trent knows how to celebrate a good shot! Trent (age 9) started lessons with us at age 4. He has become a shining star, getting more mature, and stronger physically and mentally.   We are expecting big things on the course next season!  Way to go, Trent!
Tip of the Week:
Train for Direction Control
The off-season is the best time to improve your golf swing. Many of us struggle with direction control, which is a product of the swing path and face angle. In this video, Greg provides some tips on how to train for direction control during the winter.
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Looking for a great course?   Book a tee time at Bunker Hill Golf Course in Medina, Ohio, and prepare yourself for an unparalleled golfing experience. The course is a pleasure for golfers of any skill level to play.

Thank you Greg for the amazing lessons! This was a great experience, you gave me what I needed and it exceeded my expectations. I am so excited to go play now and it is the best money I have invested in a long time. Thank you! I will forever be grateful.  - Angel, Cincinnati, OH

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