Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Programs

Pick 4 Junior Series

Series 1 starts July 7 and 11

Academy News

Student Spotlight - Jacin Colaco
At the academy, we get to work with some wonderfully talented individuals. We’ve had the pleasure to work with now Senior Jacin Colaco of Revere for the past 6 years and can honestly say he’s one of the most talented, awesome friends that we’ve had the pleasure to teach. Watch this very talented and hard working young man.
K-Motion 3D Training System
Academy Instructor, Brad Cavey, works with Chris Petersen to improve his game for the upcoming season. Using the state-of-the-art K-Motion 3D swing and body training system, Brad can efficiently help Chris feel the correct swing and set up.  Left picture is the original set-up.  On the right, Chris is creating his own muscle memory through biofeedback from the system.  To get your complete swing analysis, contact Brad Cavey at 330-441-2988 or bradcavey@gmail.com.
Tip of the Week:
Ball Position
You asked the question and we answered it in this video. In this video, Greg Jones and Brad Cavey talk about the importance of ball position in gaining consistency.
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"Greg...is concerned about his students and helping them reach their goals"  -Lisa N., Cleveland

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