Ladies Series 3: On-Course Instruction

Ladies, are you ready to take your game to a new level?  Are you ready to gain distance and lower your scores?  Having fun while improving your game and having a support group around you is the best way to learn. Our Ladies Program promotes an opportunity for women to learn and improve their game alongside other women in a fun and relaxed environment. 

This program is for intermediate/advanced golfers, and consists of three different series, each focusing on a different aspect of the game. Each series consists of one hour of instruction each week for four consecutive weeks.  In Series 3, we will take our game to the course to talk about strategy, course management, and club selection.  

A minimum of 7 students are required per session.

Dates and Times:  TBA

Location:  Fox Meadow Country Club, 4260 Fox Meadow Dr., Medina, OH 


Tuition:   Four classes:  $175 per golfer (Fox Meadow Members), $200 per golfer (Non-members)

Greg Jones Golf Academy
Medina, OH
Locations At:
Fox Meadow Country Club
Medina Country Club
Bunker Hill Golf Course