Junior Golf Programs

The Greg Jones Golf Academy is second to none when it comes to offering an educational, fun, exciting and unforgettable junior lesson experience.  Our instructors are exceptional at teaching juniors to improve and excel, build confidence, and learn what they need to build a successful golf game.  We have a highly proven track record with junior golfers, being able to take them from their current level to any level they have the desire and talent to achieve.  Our program is rated one of the best in the country, offering excellent instruction along with one of the best practice programs in golf.  Parents consistently comment that have seen vast improvements in both their child’s interest in the game and their skill in playing.


We are pleased to offer a number of junior lesson programs and leagues at Medina Country Club for juniors of all ages and abilities.  Our Junior Lesson Program at the Medina Country Club consists of three programs that will break our junior golfers into different groups where they will learn and compete with players of similar abilities to create a productive learning environment.  Little Crushers is a fun program for our youngest junior golfers, ages 3-5 years.  The focus of this program will be putting, chipping, and driving.   Hard Hitters is a program with cool challenges for absolute beginning junior golfers, ages 5-9, who wish to learn and build the basics.   Finally, Big Smashers is suited for junior golfers, ages 10-13, who have an adequate foundation for the game and are looking to build on their fundamentals and improve their ability.  This group will also gain some experience on the course.  

The “Learn the Game” Junior League is ideally suited for the golfer with less than 50 total rounds, who has a difficult time shooting under 55 consistently on a full-size course, or who cannot play 9 holes within 2 hours and wishes to grow their game well enough to play competitive high school golf.  The league is open to boys and girls, ages 8-16.  Each session begins with a fifteen-minute group instructional clinic before a shotgun start kicks off play, The clinic will focus on etiquette, rules of the game, course management, basics, short game, driving and proper technique.  Keeping score is optional for this program. The intent is to grow their experience and ready them for competitive high school golf.  

Our Competitive Junior League is an excellent opportunity for all golfers that play or want to play competitive tournaments and high school golf.  Participants must be able to complete 9-hole rounds in 2 hours (a must), can break 50 routinely, and are looking for fast-paced competitive play.  The league is open to boys and girls, ages 13-18.    ​ All players will be held responsible to be on time for check-in, dressed to play in proper golf attire, and turn in completed signed cards after each round.

Our Elite Junior Golf Program is a very unique and powerful program for aspiring junior golfers looking to honestly improve his/her golf game and lower scores.  This program is structured to prepare junior golfers to successfully compete at a High School Varsity level and to prepare and hone the mental and physical skills of those that desire to play at a college level. The combination of range instruction, intense practice programs, and on-course instruction will develop junior golfers to the level they have the desire and talent to achieve. The Junior Elite Program is for individuals between the ages of 13-17 that can shoot bogey golf or better. Program sessions will include 2-hour plus instructional programs, 2-hour plus practice programs, and 2-hour plus playing programs weekly.  Additional invited guests will include a nutritionist, mental coach, golf specific physical fitness, college coach, and college players.

Current Junior Program Offerings