Golf Fit

Our Proven Speed, Strength, and Conditioning Program,

Designed Specifically for Golfers,

and Exclusive to the Greg Jones Golf Academy

Golf Fit is a results-oriented strength and conditioning program unlike any other golf conditioning program offered. Using proprietary training equipment and techniques, each class offers high intensity circuit training to increase your stamina, improve your strength, and increase your club head speed. 


If you’ve been wanting to up your fitness game on the course and off, then Golf Fit is for you!


If you are a junior golfer that needs to increase your distance to be more competitive or jump ahead of your competition, Golf Fit will deliver results.  


If you're starting to lose distance due to age and you're looking to get it back to enjoy the game again, Golf Fit is for you!

We establish a baseline on each student and then train using proven methods to increase clubhead speed, strength, and conditioning.  You will see big results by the end of the 8-week session.  

Golf Fit classes are open to golfers ages 14 to 90+ 




Greg Jones Golf Academy
Medina, OH
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Fox Meadow Country Club
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