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2 45 Minute Lessons For As Low As $49 per month!

Akron/Medina's Best Value for Outstanding Golf  Instruction
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What is the FLEX CHOICE Program?

FLEX CHOICE is an affordable monthly membership lesson program taught by our Certified Academy Staff Instructors.  You can attend 2 classes or 4 classes monthly based on your choice of participation.  A variety of lessons will be offered weekly on different days and times to give you the flexibility and choice to fit your active schedule.  You can review the daily schedule of classes for the entire month online and choose the classes of interest, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.  The FLEX CHOICE Program also allows you to focus on your weak areas and improve in a structured instructional program, even repeating classes multiple times if desired, with the full support of our Certified Academy Staff.  The FLEX CHOICE Program is by far the best value for golfers in the Akron/Medina and surrounding areas.

Why Choose the FLEX CHOICE Program?

If you're the type of person who likes to do things on your own schedule, work at your own pace, and make the personal decision when it's time to move ahead, then the FLEX CHOICE Program was made for you.  We offer a progressive class schedule to accommodate your growth and abilities, along with handouts, practice programs, and Academy videos to reinforce the class material.  Your individual learning experience, enjoyment, and personal improvement through the FLEX CHOICE Program is not only our mission, it's our passion. 

Who Should Enroll in the FLEX CHOICE Program?

Anyone who wants to improve their game!  The FLEX CHOICE Program offers a wide variety of opportunities for golfers of all skill levels.  Beginners looking to start the game on the right path have an awesome opportunity to work and learn at their own pace in a comfortable environment.   Mid-to-Low Handicaps that want to enjoy the game more, increase their distance, improve their skills, and lower their scores can enroll in a progressive class schedule or in specific classes of interest for maximum improvement.  Classes can be repeated multiple times, if desired, to groove specific skills.  Many golfers, especially those looking to develop or maintain lower handicaps can use the FLEX CHOICE Program as a weekly structured practice session under the watchful eye of a Certified Academy Staff Instructor.

Do We Offer a FLEX CHOICE Programs for Juniors?

At this time, our FLEX CHOICE program is for adults ages 18 and over.  We do offer a wide range of Junior Programs and Boot Camps which can be accessed here.

How Many FLEX CHOICE Classes Will Be Offered?

The Academy will offer 10 or more FLEX CHOICE classes weekly to choose from.  All classes are conveniently booked on-line.  As the FLEX CHOICE membership grows, so will the number of classes offered.  Classes are 45 minutes in length and class sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 students to provide all students with the individual attention they deserve.  Video is used as needed.  Topic areas covered in the FLEX CHOICE classes are shown below.  For a full list of classes and times, click here

Basic Fundamentals 1
  • This progressive “Fundamentals 1” program offers 5 consecutive classes to help you learn the fundamentals, build proper swing mechanics, understand direction and distance, club selection and build a strong foundation to get you started on the right path.  Recommended for beginner golfers or golfers that shoot 59 and over.
Basic Fundamentals 2
  • A progressive program offering 5 different classes to refresh your fundamentals and improve your swing skills to execute proper golf shots, make good shot choices, control direction and develop course management skills.  This program is recommended for advanced beginner golfers or weaker intermediate golfers that shoot in the 47 to lower 50’s range.
Short Game - Pitching, Chipping, Putting
  • This program offers 6 separate classes, two in each of the “Short Game” areas.  It is recommended for golfers wanting to learn and improve their abilities on and around the green.  These classes are suitable for all skill levels.
Learn How to Practice
  • Escape from worthless practice sessions that waste your time, money, and accomplish nothing.  This 5-class program will provide an in-depth evaluation and pathway to improvement that takes a detailed look at your mechanics, techniques and practice habits.

Direction & Distance Control
  • Completely understand how to control direction and develop methods and techniques to control distance from 30 to 100 yards with this 4-class series.
Driver, Fairway Woods, Long Irons/Hybrids
  • These 3 classes will help you develop the proper set-up, techniques and strategies to get you comfortable with using longer clubs and becoming more effective on longer approach shots.
Get Swing Fit - Golf-Specific Conditioning, Strength, and Speed Training
  • Get Swing Fit with this is a world class program using proprietary training equipment and techniques.  For those of you wanting to add distance by increasing your club head speed, your prayers have been answered, and for those golfers looking to be more physically golf-fit, this program is for you!
What FLEX CHOICE Program Plans Can I Choose From?

We have a plan to fit every golfer's needs.    From 2 classes to 4 classes per month, we have the perfect plan to help you reach your goals.  Click here for plans and pricing.

How Do I Register for the FLEX CHOICE Program?

It's a very easy process.  Click here to be taken to the Registration page.  After your initial registration, you can begin signing up for the FLEX CHOICE classes of your choice. All payments are made securely via auto payments through PayPal.   Please refer to the FAQs for full information on registration and payment.  

Is there a registration fee? What is the membership commitment ?  

There is a one-time registration fee of $50 that is due at your first class to cover the cost of registration and billing set-up.  (Payable by cash, check, or credit card).  We do require a minimum TWO month membership.   Billing is done via monthly auto payments.  There are no exceptions to the minimum commitment or fees.

How does auto payment work?

At the time you submit your registration, your credit card will be billed for your first month.  Each subsequent month, your card will be billed automatically on the same date.  You may cancel your FLEX CHOICE membership anytime after the minimum two-month commitment is met.  Just send an email to the Academy Director, Greg Jones, at  

How do I register for classes?

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email with your password to access the page to book classes on line.    This page can be accessed from our main menu under FLEX CHOICE/ Book Online.  You will need this password each time you access the page to sign up for classes.  For your convenience, once you log into the booking page, you can set up a personal area with an ID and password, which will allow you to manage your classes.  Simply click on the login button on the upper right corner of the Book Online page to set up your account. You can log in anytime to see the dates and times of your classes and also cancel, if needed. 

Do I have to take classes every week?

One of the advantages of the FLEX CHOICE Program is that you choose what classes you take and when you take them.  Since all classes are booked on-line, our FLEX CHOICE students can register for the class times that are convenient for them.  For example, the Loyalty Plan allows students to take up to 4 semi-private classes per calendar month.  These classes can be taken once a week, four in a week, or all four in one day.  The choice is yours!  The only restriction is that you must use all of your classes within the calendar month.  Classes will not roll over to the next month.  

How many students are in each class?

FLEX CHOICE classes have no minimum enrollment requirements.  There is a limit of 8 students maximum for most classes.  Some classes will have a maximum of 4-6 students.

What happens when classes are cancelled?

Although infrequent, classes may be cancelled due to a number of reasons, including weather, schedule conflicts, or facility event conflicts.  If a class is cancelled within 12 hours of the class start time, students will be notified by phone and email.  If the cancellation is made outside of 12 hours, students will only receive an email.  Students will then need to register for another class to make up for the cancelled class.  If a class is cancelled within two weeks of the end of their membership, the student will be given an additional week to register for a class.

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