Come on out and join us for the first series in our progressive Tips and Sips Series.  Each series is designed to sharpen a different aspect of your game, while you enjoy new friendships and a complimentary beer during each class. 

Series 1 will focus on Scoring Shots.  

  • Week 1 - Chipping

  • Week 2 - Putting

  • Week 3 - Shots from 20. 30, 40 yards

  • Week 4 - Bump and Run, and Pitch Shots

Love Life More

This is a couples program where you will improve your game, learn how to practice, and learn how to be a support coach to your partner during practice and play. The academy created this Progressive Couples Program, "Love Life More", to help couples improve their game and enjoy their love of golf as they play together.


This program will be held on four consecutive Fridays, beginning June 5, 2020 from 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Fee:  $175 per person, payable at the first class with cash or check.


Location:  All sessions will be held at Fox Meadow Country Club,

4260 Fox Meadow Dr,

Medina, OH

Maximum 8 students per session.

Questions:  Contact Greg Jones at (567) 241-3746 or Brad Cavey at (330) 441-2988

Couples Tips and Sips

Series 1: Scoring Shots

Greg Jones Golf Academy
Medina, OH
Locations At:
Fox Meadow Country Club
Medina Country Club
Bunker Hill Golf Course