Corporate Golf Programs

Golf is a powerful business tool and can be an effective means to communicate and associate with established and prospective clients, provide employee rewards programs, show vendor appreciation, facilitate sales and marketing training, and help promote team building within an organization.  Executives who entertain prospective clients on the golf course tend to bring in increased revenue, broaden their circle of influence, and increase their leadership skills.

Since the needs of corporations vary,  the Greg Jones Golf Academy can customize and developunique programs and services to meet the needs of your group.  We currently offer these Corporate Programs:

  • Corporate Golf Lesson Program

  • Corporate Playing Lesson

  • Half Day Lesson Program – Our Most Popular

  • Corporate Golf Wellness Program

  • Trick Shot Demonstration

  • Clients on The Range – The Most Impressive Program in Golf Instruction


Have something else in mind?  We can work with you to create a unique program tailored to meet your specific needs.  Just give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we'll make it happen!

Corporate Golf Lesson Program

This lesson program is very popular for large groups of corporate members generally 5 to 8 plus students.  Many of our corporate clients choose this program to reward employees, clients and vendors. We develop a five 1 hour lesson program which is generally held once a week around the skill of the clients attending the program. The time and day of the program is scheduled based off your companies needs and availability.

Three Day Corporate Golf School

This exceptional package is a three day golf school specifically designed for corporations to reward corporate executives, highly motivated sales rep, top vendors, suppliers or very special clients. This is a great opportunity for your organization to recognize and give personal acknowledgement to individuals or business.  This three day program offers a total game improvement focusing on the full swing, short game and course management, the 2nd day of this school will offer a 2 hour playing lesson with your instructor. This is a 20 hour program. 

Half Day Lesson Program

This thorough, instructional package is our most popular corporate golf lesson program. It’s a wonderful reward or incentive program for employees, a great gift for corporate executives, sales reps, and a great thank you gift for special clients or business partners.  Our Half Day Lesson Program includes 4 hours of instruction with a couple of breaks to rehydrate and grab a snack. The lesson is completely customized to accommodate the specific needs of the student (which is always setup before the day of the lesson). 

Corporate Golf Wellness Program

The Greg Jones Golf Academy has designed a Golf Wellness Program to assist corporations in reducing healthcare costs, improve morale, increase revenue and boost productivity by offering a fun and innovative way for your employees to improve their health, both mentally and physically, while at the same time learning a lifelong skill. Corporations that already have an Employee Wellness Program, no doubt continue to face the challenge of keeping employees interested and willing to participate. One way to increase interest is to offer this original Golf Wellness Program. The Greg Jones Golf Academy program allows your employees to interact in a new and fun environment, opening up communication and helping them connect on new levels that translate into better teamwork and friendship in the work place. 

Trick Shot Shows

If your company is going to host a golf event for employees, clients, or vendors , and you want to provide your guests with a wonderful experience, whether they play golf or not, this is a great venue.

This exciting, unforgettable show by Greg "The Golf Guy" Jones will have your guests relaxing and enjoying themselves at your company outing while they watch amazing trick shots and get a lesson at the same time. The Golf Guy interacts with the audience, making sure everyone is laughing and involving them in the show.

Delight your guest with this most unforgettable hour in golf. Your guests will remember this special day given to them by your company for a lifetime.

Clients on the Range

Most corporations have special clients that are very influential to their company’s success.  You wine and dine them, entertain them, or even treat them to a golf retreat to show your company's appreciation.  In our Clients on the Range Program, we make arrangements for your client to meet you on the range at the course or resort of your choice.  Prior to your arrival,  Greg Jones will meet your client on the range with a name placard, greet them and entertain them with a few trick shots, and then provide them with a one-hour private and thorough golf lesson.  Upon your arrival, Greg will present your client with a gift (optional),  excuse himself, and leave you to a great round of golf with an appreciative and impressed client!

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