Adult Golf Programs

When building a golf swing or a golf game, it is very important to be in a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere. Although private lessons provide one-on-one attention, they can be very stressful and overwhelming for many beginner and early intermediate golfers.  The pressure individuals feel to learn, improve, and perform well often keeps them from progressing.   

Golfers learn more easily and perform far better when they are playing or learning with golfers of the same abilities.  Group programs ease the stress and allow golfers to pick up visual cues while watching others of the same abilities, which helps them to improve more quickly and enjoy the process.


The Greg Jones Golf Academy offers group lesson schools for Entry Level Beginners (Fundamentals I), Advanced Beginners (Fundamentals II), and Intermediate Golfers (Fundamentals III).  Each of our Fundamentals Programs are also offered as Ladies Only programs.   These Ladies Only programs are ideal for making new friends and learning the game in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The Fundamentals 1 (Beginners) Program is geared towards golfers that are entry level or average higher than double bogie.  Fundamentals I will help you learn the basic fundamentals, build a golf swing, and introduce you to the game of golf.

Fundamentals II (Advance Beginners) is for golfers with experience, can shoot double bogie golf or better, and can play nine holes in 2 hours or less. You will learn golf shots, distant control, club selection, driver and basic rules of play.

Fundamentals III (Intermediates) is for golfers that have a solid concept of the golf game and can easily shoot under 50 routinely and are looking to understand course management, gain swing consistency, how to hit different clubs and shots in different situation, direction control, advanced rules and strategies.

We also offer a Short Game School for all levels of golfers.  This three-hour program focuses on all aspects of the short game – chipping, pitching, putting, and sand shots.  

All of the information covered during our programs is also supplied in written and video form so you have the ability to review all of the information covered.

Current Adult Program Offerings